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Thanks to Paulo Peccin's emulator at, you can play Atari games online free!.


UFO for Atari 2600 - By John A. Reder

Reder's UFO for Atari - (c) 2017 by John A. Reder, all rights reserved.

Part of the "ODtari" series! Recreating Odyssey 2 games in Atari's image!

Emulator Controls:
 Spacebar = shoot
 Arrows = move ship and projectile when fired.

Note: Atari sprites really hate being on the same line with other 
      sprites since they are reusing each other's resources causing flicker. 
      The Atari 2600 really has only 2 sprites. The Magnavox Odyssey 2 
      actually has 4. Some artistic liberty was taken to get similar gameplay 
      and challenge while limiting the game to just 4K. This not meant to
      be an exact replica. 


 * Score points by killing the Alien ships while protecting your

 * Press [button] on Joystick to start, or restart when any game ends!

2600 Controls Within Game:
 * Joystick = Move any direction.
 * Joystick Button = fire laser 

Game Rules:

 * You score 1 points for each alien destroyed!

 * Your weapon is also your shield, when not actively firing, it quickly 
   circles your spaceship and serves as your protection! This is not solid
   so you may be killed when hit from the right angle at the right time! 

 * You can use your shield to destroy enemies but it needs a moment to 
   recharge every time it is used and when you shoot. Beware enemies and 
   mines may get through so use it at angles where your spaceship will not 
   make contact with the item you are ramming.

 * Once you have launched your weapon's projectile, you can steer it! Beware
   that you are also steering your spaceship!

 * Your red aiming dot rotates clockwise as you move and indicates which 
   direction your weapon will fire! 

 * The enemy Warrior is the one who flashes. It will launch magnetic
   mines, that will track your spaceship and try to penetrate your shield to 
   kill you! It only puts one mine out at any time, and they are 
   destroyed if they hit any object that is not the Warrior itself!	

 * Note the excessive use or exclamation points!!! After all, 
   this is based on an Odyssey 2 game!!!  :)