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Handy Pick Hank for Atari 2600 - By John A. Reder

Reder's Handy Pick Hank by John A. Reder 2017

Part of the "ODtari" series! Recreating Odyssey 2 games in Atari's image!
Inspired by the awsome Pick Axe Pete! 

Note: Atari sprites really hate being on the same horizontal line with other 
      sprites since they are reusing each other's resources causing flicker. 
      The Atari 2600 really has only 2 sprites. The Magnavox Odyssey 2 
      actually has 4. Some artistic liberty was taken to get similar gameplay 
      and challenge while limiting the game to just 4K. This not meant to
      be an exact replica. 


 * Score points by mining boulders, finding picks, keys and passing through 
   unlocked doors to deeper levels!

Point Scale:
|Add | Action                                                                      |
|  1 | Striking normal boulder with pick.                                          |
|  3 | Striking gold boulder with pick. Gold boulders appear when two boulders hit |
|    | each other, if one has gold then it will become a gold bolder!              |
|  5 | Getting a new pick lost by other miners in some earlier time. The boulders  |
|    | shake the earth and sometimes a pick shakes lose!                           |
| 10 | Getting a gold key! Gold keys sometimes break away when gold boulders form. |
| 20 | Entering one of the three doors with the golden keyholes. Sometimes the     |
|    | lock needs to be jiggled! Once entered you will descend to a deeper level!  |
|    |  beware, some deeper levels are too dark to see the floor!!!                |

Controls Within Game:

 * Joystick to move right or left.
 * Joystick up to climb ladders.
 * Joystick Button to jump
  Joystick Control
        (o) jump  
               \ ^ /                              
                \|/                  Use the joystick to move
     Move   <===( )===>  Move        player and climb ladders. 
     Left       /|\      Right       Press button to jump. 
               / | \                 

Game Rules:
Game Rules:

 * Crush boulders with your pick to get points.

 * Grab picks and keys to get points. 

 * Touch a bolder without your pick and you die!

 * You start with a pick on each level, it will only last for a short time before 
   it wears out and you'll need to find a new one.  Hank will start to flash in 
   two colors when the pick starts to go bad.

 * Get the key to unlock the any of the three doors from within the mine. 
   You will flash with many colors if you have the key.

 * Unclaimed keys and picks will fade away. Be sure to grab them to refresh your
   picks life or pass through doors to go deeper into the mines!

 * You can jump over boulders if you choose, this is necessary if you don't have 
   a pick and need one to pass you by. Try to jump from the opposite direction if 
   you can so you do not land on it as it travels in the same direction you do.

 * When you have the pick ladders will only appear on the same level you are. 
   If you do not have the pick the ladders will appear on random levels.

 * Boulders enter the mine through the doors, be sure you're not there when they
   come through!

 * When some boulders collide they become one gold boulder and shake loose a key!
   Get rid of it to ensure more keys can be made. Only one can exist at any time!

 * Gold boulders stay on the same level where they became gold, so you can chase
   them down for more points!!! 

 * Locked doors will repel you if you touch their locks. Make sure you have a key
   if you don't want to go for a ride. This can be useful if you want one to 
   fling you up a level!

 * Non gold boulders will fall through openings and off the screen through the
   trap-door in the bottom right corner of the level. (white dot in bottom right)

 * You may come across a safe spot or two if you need a break, some are only safe
   when gold bolders aren't around on that level.
 * Note the excessive use or exclamation points!!! After all, 
   this is based on an Odyssey 2 game!!!  :)