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K.C.'s Crazy Nightmare! for Atari 2600 - By John A. Reder

Reder's K.C.'s Crazy Nightmare! - (c) 2017 by John A. Reder, all rights reserved.

Part of the "ODtari" series! Recreating Odyssey 2 games in Atari's image!

Emulator Controls
 Space = shoot left or right, if you have bullets (guns) collecteed.
 Arrows = Move any direction

  K.C. has found himself trapped in a Atari 2600 system 
  along with some enslaved O2 zombies! The Atari system maze is 
  deadly to him, he should avoid touching the maze walls, if he 
  does his O2 code will mix with the 2600 code and destroy him!
  His only hope is to stay alive by keeping the O2 zombies at 
  bay while looking for a way out!  Hint: There's no way out!

* Increase your score!

* Gather Bullets (small dots) to shoot the O2 zombies for 10 

* Gather vitamin tablets (wall colored dash) to slightly protect 
  you against O2 zombies to earn 1 point! 

Game Notes:
* O2 zombies and maze walls may kill you instantly if touched 
  (you may be able to brush by them if you have some 
  resistance given by a vitamin tablets but don't count on it 
  every time)! The resistance wears off and is only 
  replinished with vitamins. It works better with walls  
  than it does with O2 zombies! 

* O2 zombies take bullets out of your inventory when they reach 
  a bullet before you do! 

* They take a point out of your score if they reach a vitamin 
  pill before you do! 

* You can only carry a maximum of 6 bullets at any one time!
  Collected bullets are shown above score. 

* O2 zombies are sent back to the Graveyard (the center of the 
  maze) whenever one is hit by a bullet, they will not hurt you 
  when they are all blue for a short time after they return to 
  the Graveyard. 

* Note the excessive use or exclamation points!!! After all, 
  this is about an Odyssey 2 character!!!  :)

2600 Controls:
  Joystick = Move
  Button   = shoot left or right, if you have bullets (guns) collecteed.