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Solder Runner

DOS Games

for DOS (or DOS emulation)
These games were written back in the days of the DOS operating system and 486 processors so the graphics, sounds and game play and system requirements are dated.

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Solder Runner

(c) Copyright 1997, John A. Reder, all rights reserved.

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This is an unfinished game based on the Grimlor engine. It is a trip into your computer to hunt down viruses and save your system. The reviewer at really liked this game, The first level is complete and is probably my best effort on level design in a game of this type. A windows based level editor is included if you are interested in building your own levels for this game! Use the program named 'WinLevEd.EXE' witch allows you to edit or create your own game episodes (Levels). This tool can be used with both Solder Runner and The Dungeons of Grimlor Series (you'll need to rename the level files for Grimlor to edit them with this tool). If you develop any game levels that you want to share send them to and we'll put them here!

This game can be played at a playable speed on faster machines by editing the file named SPEEDAT.SR and changing the number to something like 300000. The higher the number, the slower the animation. You might want to use a program like DOSBOX to emulate a slower processor for more playable speeds on faster computers.

Note that Solder Runner only had one episode completed - if you select the other two episodes you'll get unfinished levels.

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