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Raid Over Vectrexia! for the Vectrex
Vectrex ROM (.bin file) for PC emulation or writable cartridge play on the Vecrex Console
(CGE / Milton Bradley).

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Full Cartridge, Box and Color Manual Published and sold by Good Deal Games!

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John A. Reder Presents Raid Over Vectrexia! v1.0.0 © 2020 John A Reder, all rights reserved. Note that this game was totally inspired bt Will Wright's Amazing 1984 game for the c64 called "Raid Over Bungeling Bay". This is not an exact copy, many compromises had to be made to get it working on Vectrx hardware. But it is my hope that I captured the spirit of the game in some small way. :) Raid over Vectrexia! You are at war! Vectrexia is made up of many islands, and that makes it quite difficult to mount a sustained attack on their bases and supplies. This is where you come into the picture, by using bombing runs on the factories you can stop their war machine! So it is just you in your attack helicopter with an aircraft carrier as support for you as you take this evil country down! 1) Controls Joystick: Movement Button 1: Fire Weapon (or Land on your Carrier and possibly other places) Button 2: Drop Bomb (use on Factories, Radar outposts, Battleships...) Button 3: Toggle Radar and Cockpit read-outs.[Button 2 = Toggle Current Stats] Button 4: Pause with Reset game option. 2) Game Options Standard or Random Factory Placement Standars is reccommended as a way to learn the game. Once you start winning, you can ramp up your challenge with random factory placement so you'll have to redescover where everything is in each game! 3) Carrier The Aircraft Carrier is your base of operations for the "Raid" It has numerous purposes, so you should protect it at all costs. It's primary duty is restocking your bomb supply and repairing all damage received while flying your bombing runs on the enemies weapon factories. Your Radar Cockpit Read-outs will tell you its Strength Marked "ACS" (Aircrafr Carrier Strength). The Arrow pointer shows which direction is the shortest path to your Aircraft Carrier. Use this to get back there whenever you need to. Your carrier is most vulnerable as it has only one defense, your helicopter piloting skills! Besides the fact it is your ally and piece of hardware, it is your home base from which you fly your missions. If you lose your Aircraft Carrier, you will have nowhere to repair damage OR easy access to refill your bomb supplies (thus making your missions almost impossible to complete!). Definitely make sure to save it. 4) Radar All enemy targets are shown. Your carrier is the long rectangle and your aircraft is the diamond. The battleship when underway is shown as a horizontal rectangle. Enemy jets, bombers, and Missiles are shown as triangles. You'll also see how many Factories are remaining under "FR". Your Helicopterís Strength is under STR (note after 15% you start leaking fuel and loosing power. You will hit the ground in moments. If you manage to crash into a factory you can take it out with you! Bombs are listed under "B", Your lives are under LR (Lives Remaining - you get 3 total on your last life this will read 1). Latitude and Longitude are also shown for navigation purposes inder "LATLNG". If you find a worthy target make a note of its location if you have to return to it. 5) Enemies Patrolling GUN PATROL BOATS & TANKS These guys are just watching for your helicopter so they can raise the Jet Fighters to come to their aid out over the water. They have low grade anti-aircraft weapons. These little things will also keep an eye out for your Aircraft Carrier, and they will report the location to the Jet Fighters. Both the BOATS and the TANKS are part of a system that brings supplies in to facilitate repairs. The more you kill the harder it is for the enemy to make repairs. RADAR STATIONS These installations have on purpose: to alert Jet Fighters to scramble when you are spotted on radar. They do not fire any projectiles, so they cannot damage you. Take them out to shut down air operations for their corresponding base. TURRETS These powerful turrets can shoot in all directions, and their projectiles are self-guided. They are on almost every island in the area. They tend to be more concentrated on the shores of islands (as first defense) and around factories. They fire electrified balls of energy that have limited range before they burn out. If your helicopter is caught by one, your helicopter will receive damage! JET FIGHTERS These guys will not be involved in the fight until your helicopter has been positively identified by their defense network, They will then take off from their runway. Once they are in the air, they will fly fast routes trying to sneak into attack your helicopter with a barrage of blasts. When these connect, you will receive some damage. BOMBERS Like jet fighters, they only take off after your carrier has been identified as a threat and they will target it. You should take these out whenever you see them coming in for a bombing run on your ship! GUIDED MISSILES Similar to the other aircraft the missile Base becomes active and starts sending guided missiles your way. Take them out before they take you down! BATTLESHIP! The Vectrexians will start ramping up their war machine once they realize how big a threat you are. This ship starts being constructed in their shipyard and you can bomb it part by part to impede their work. Once completed, it will set sail and wait for your carrier to come into range. Once this happens, your carrier will go down hard. You can bomb it out of existence right up until the last moment! Enjoy!

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