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For Windows (16 or 32 bit)

(c)1996 John A. Reder

The OmniBot AI product (a Bot) which I have offered here as a free download since its inception in May of 1996, was a promotional example of software that I wrote earlier in my programming career (in order to show my skills as a software developer and consultant), has been sold to with all its rights, including software, naming, and trademark. will keep up with its commercial use as a classic OmniBot for promotional and showcase purposes.

This program is a Artificially Intelligent Chat-bot! This program is designed to learn from it's users and attempt to hold an intelligent conversation! It can even read text files and learn from them! OmniBotAI can be taught associations and be shown how to launch other programs on your system!

This Program is No longer available on this site!
(Note: it will not work on a 64bit OS without 32bit emulation)

Download no longer available from this site - visit to learn about this exciting new technology.

Get smart, get an agent

Talk about OmnibotAI here

OmniBotAI FAQ v1.0:

Q: Can OmniBotAI be trained?

A: OmniBotAI can associate by being fed lines like 'dog|wolf|puppy' The '|' is a Pipe symbol (usually found on the same key as the '\'.)

Q: I noticed that OmniBotAI can run programs, how can I teach OmniBotAI how to launch a Program?

A: OmniBotAI can execute programs by being fed information like: 'solitare, execute c:\windows\sol.exe'

Q: How can I get OmniBotAI to learn from a text document?

A: Learn.exe is a DOS (command line) program. It will prompt you with three questions. When you run it it wants to know the path and file name of the .TXT file you want it to learn. It then wants to know if the text file has numbers in the text (example: the holy Bible) and if you want omniBotAI to ignore them. Finally it wants to know how to quote what it learns in the future, either by single sentences (lines that end with periods) or by paragraphs. The output file will be called memory.dat You will need to rename it to another file name ending with .mem, OmniBotAI looks for .mem files as its memory modules to be selected in the program.

Q: How can I get OmniBotAI to start with mem files already loaded?

A: The first two lines of a .mem file (mem files are text) contain the title of the mem file (example: chit chat) and a 'on' or a 'off' which says if it is a default on or off when omniBotAI starts. I believe the shareware version floating around out there has a disclaimer line of text disabling the default on line. the disclaimer line can be deleted to re-enable the default on for the chitchat mem file.

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