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A.I. File Nametournamenthyrbrit.ai
Authors NameAlexis von Blumenthal
Description of A.I. FileThis bug a real bastard, starting off by laying a mine trail to protect himself then sets about destroying the enemy-don't worry repairs himself when damaged and is lethal-programmed to play with 100 maximum damage and a more than 50 ammo (come on man-you need ammo!) and to play with 4000 clicks-recommended. Please tell me how this bug does in the circumstances written above as i have only the sharware version and cannot use these circumstances.
Notes about the A.I.'s authorI'm 14 British. email: spikboi@hotmail.com
A.I. File RatingHard
Date Uploaded3/24/2001 12:06:50 PM

When downloading please set the file name to 'tournamenthyrbrit.ai'