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A.I. File Namearmcannon.ai
Authors NameAlan J. Kettley
Description of A.I. FileMy first custom bug from the ShareWare version that is on the 1000 Best Windows Games CD. It sucked at first (because I LOVE the chaotic feeling I get from randomly generated identifiers) so, just today, I noticed something when I was trying to get through MISSION 10: Team Combat: Ramble's Cybugs -- Ramble1 spins around like a kid on a sugar rush (me :P), but rarely makes any ground. (I'll continue this in "my" notes) Why don't you decide on the rating... I'm no good at rating my own things.
Notes about the A.I.'s authorYesterday (October 26th, 2004), I had a little problem with my Mr. E -- he went after a flag, picked it up, then went to routine "2". This WAS routine 2: 2: scan forward if scan found nothing then turn left goto 2 end if if scan found barrier then gosub bumpit end if if scan found flag then if damage is = 0 then turn right goto 2 end if if damage is > 0 then gosub flagged end if end if if scan found enemy then gosub pummel end if if scan found mine then gosub msweep end if return The problem is obvious: He went from PUMMEL, to FLAGGED, to "2". The flag was way out in the open. He grabs the flag, scans forward, can't find anything, then spins around like a maniac, scanning forward infinitely. I've taken out the nothing variation, and changed scan forward to long range scan. It works much better now. I also changed bumpit around a bit, too. Well, here I am, rambling on like Blathers about something that would put an insomniac to sleep for 20 hours. I'm a 14.5-year-old Canadian boy, and I'm VERY into video/computer games. I also live in the capital ^^.
A.I. File RatingSpecial
Date Uploaded10/27/2004 7:11:58 PM

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